Notice to all customers & Suppliers

This letter is to notify all of AFJ Signs 2008 customer’s that the owner of AFJ Signs 2008 Alan Jeans will be retiring at the end of March 31,2014 along with the company name AFJ Signs 2008.

I, Alan Jeans have sold all of my company assets, equipment, customer files, web site and phone & fax numbers to longtime employee of 13 years and office manager LeeAnn Lansdowne.

LeeAnn will continue to operate a sign business at new location of 27 Robb Blvd unit 2, Orangeville, Ontario L9W 3L1 under the new name of: LA Signs Inc. & Printing as of April 28, 2014 the new location is just down the street from our old location.

LeeAnn has been with AFJ Signs for many years and the face of the business for a very long time now. She is very experienced in the sign and printing industry, and most of you have already been dealing with her on a regular bases. So I am hoping the transition is seamless for all of my customers and I know she will continue to offer you great service as always.

We have worked very well as a team together for many years and she has always been there to support our customers, and my business. I am sure you will be happy doing business with her new company in the future.

It is time that I retire from the sign business and wish LeeAnn and all of my former employees well in this new venture of LA Signs Inc.& Printing.

I am happy to turn the riens over to her full time and hope my customers will continue to do business with her new company.

Yours truly,
Alan Jeans / previous owner.